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  • Mã SP: SK-1260 + SK-S100K (No.8080-05)
  • Giá: Liên Hệ
  • SK-1260 is an upgraded model of SK-1250MCIIIα, and is suitable for temperature control in food production, laboratories, factories and construction sites as well as the former one. A standard type-K thermocouple sensor SK-S100K is included in a kit.
  • Danh mục: CÁC LOẠI NHIỆT KẾ
  • Nhà sản xuất: SATO


Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Standard Probe

Model: SK-1260 + SK-S100K



 Best for temperature control in food production, laboratories, factories and construction sites.

SK-1260, a handy waterproof digital thermometer with memory storage, has as many as 32 types of thermocouple probes and 6 thermistor probes to meet any applications.

A vinyl pouch with a neck strap is attached to make the device portable.

 IPX4 waterproof

SK-1260 can resist splashes from any direction.

 Memory storage

Measurement values can be stored in memory with a simple operation.

- Up to 180 data in manual mode

- Up to 120 data in automatic mode


Stored data in the memory can be printed out with an optional printer.

 Hi/Lo alarm

An alarm is activated when temperature reaches upper or lower limit you set.


Cat. No. 8080-05
Product name Waterproof Digital Thermometer with Standard Probe
Model name SK-1260 + SK-S100K
Main Body
With thermistor −30.0 to 199.9°C
With type-K thermocouple −99.9 to 1250°C
Accuracy when
connected with
Main body ±0.2°C
Probe ± (0.1%rdg + 0.2)°C (0.0 to 150.0°C)
± (0.2%rdg + 0.4)°C (other)
Accuracy when
connected with
type-K thermocouple
Main body ± (0.1%rdg + 0.3)°C (0.0 to 199.9°C)
±0.5°C (−99.9 to −0.1°C)
± (0.2%rdg + 1)°C (200 to 1250°C)
Probe Depends on each probe
Resolution 0.1°C (below 200°C)
1°C (200°C and up)
Buzzer volume 70 dB
Power AAA battery x4, or AC adapter sold separately
Material ABS resin
Dimensions 66 (W) x 175 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Weight 200 g including batteries
Standard accessories Vinyl pouch x1, AAA zinc-carbon battery x4, instruction manual
Optional items No. 8080-10 Dedicated Printer
No. 8008-90 Dedicated AC Adapter
No. 8009-84 Vinyl Pouch with Strap
Attached Standard Probe
Cat. No. 8080-20
Model name SK-S100K
Expected objects Semisolid, liquid, viscous liquid
Measuring range −100 to 300°C
Accuracy ±1.5°C (−40°C to 300°C)
±0.004 |t| (−100°C to −40°C)
|t| is an absolute value of temperature in Celsius.
Dimensions Sensing stem 2.3 mm diameter x 150 mm (L), pointed end
Cable 1.1 m
Material Sensing stem Stainless steel SUS316

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