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Vibration Level Meter
TYPE 3233 (dB)


・Easy to handle as a result of its smallness and light weight, high mobility and easy operation. Measurer does not require any special skill. The pickup for measurement offers compatibility.
・Digital values and bar graphs are displayed on a large-scale liquid crystal screen equipped with backlight. Anyone can take a measurement without a reading error, and easily grasp vibration amounts with the bar graph.
・Wide range of linearity 75dB eliminates switching.
・Maximum and minimum values(Lmax, Lmin), Percentile vibration level (Lx; five values) and power average are computed simultaneously in three directions, and selectively displayed.
・Rs-232C interface built-in, data management and processing can be easily carried out by data management software (separately sold).
・A wide range of vibration levels can be easily measured and operability is enhanced by using the tripod stand.

Product Specifications

Acceleration pickup Type 7833
Measuring level 30dB to 119dB
Linearity range 75dB
Frequency range 1Hz to 80Hz
Dynamic characteristic 0.63 second
Calibration Electrical calibration by built-inoscillator(sinusoidal wave of 31.5Hz)
Display Liquid crystal display (128x64 dots)
Output terminal Independent output in 3 directions respectibely
AC output Output voltage : 316mVrms(full scale)
Output resustance : 600 ohm
Load resustance ; Not less than 10k ohm
DC output Output voltage : 2.5V(full scale) 0.25V/10dB
Out put resutance : 50 ohm
Load resutance : Not less than 10k ohm
Battery Four AA batteries or AC adaptor
Weight Approximately 380g including batteries


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